Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Seventeen, 2014-2015

Below is the 17th year of cover portraits 2014-2015.
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November-December 2014

November-December 2014 issue #97. Cover family is DADsquared support group founder Henry Amador and husband Joel Batten of North Carolina and their son, Ben.

January-February 2015

January-February 2015 issue #98. Cover family is Equality Florida CEO, Nadine Smith and her wife Andrea Hildebran Smith and son, Logan.


March-April-2015 issue #99. Cover family is Gregg Stolinski and his partner John Leonardo of Canada and their twins, Juliana and Joseph.

May-June 2015

May-June 2015 issue #100. Our landmark 100th issue! On the cover is famous singer and gay dad, Ricky Martin. Martin is raising twin sons, Mateo and Valentino.


July-August 2015 issue #101. Cover family is Ebony and Denise and their daughter Olivia of the popular vlog Oliva Has 2 Moms.


September-October 2015 issue #102. Cover family is Christa and Holly Ortego of Louisiana and their twins Collin and Miah.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Sixteen, 2013-2014

Below is the 16th year of cover portraits 2013-2014.
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November-December 2013

November-December 2013 issue #91. Our 15th anniversary issue. Cover family is actor and author of “Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?”, Dan Bucantinsky and his partner Don Roos and their children, Eliza and Jonah. Inset photo of Bob and Thanh Bidwell, our very first cover family.

January-February 2014

January-February 2014 issue #92. Cover family is award winning poet, Juliet Howard (aka JP Howard) and partner Norma Jennings and their sons, Jordan and Nicholas.

March-April 2014

March-April 2014 issue #93. Cover family is Deanne and Christina and their daughter, Marlee. Inset photo is award winning author and gay dad Andrew Solomon.

May-June 2014

May-June 2014 issue #94. Diving into our cover is Olympic hopeful Jordan Windle. Andre Rodriguez and Jerry Windle are Jordan’s parents. Inset photos (top to bottom) are celebrity fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels and daughter Lukensia; Jason Cook and Michael Tryonel and their seven children, Aaron, Karon, Shakir, Brandon, Rashad, Sidney and Paris; and Jared Prince-Sayward, son of Beverly and Kathleen Prince-Sayward.

July-August 2014

July-August 2014 issue #95. Cover family is Thomas Beatie, known as the “world’s first pregnant man” and his fiance Amber Nicholas with their children, Susan, Jensen, and Austin.

September-October 2014

September-October 2014 issue #96. Cover family is Antigone Rising rock musician, Kristen Ellis-Henderson and wife, GLAAD CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis and their children, Kate and Thomas.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Fifteen, 2012-2013

Below is the 15th year of cover portraits 2012-2013.
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November-December 2012

November-December 2012 issue #85. Cover family is Jay Foxworthy and Brian Leffew and their children, Daniel and Selena. The Foxworthy Leffew family have a popular Vlog and Blog “Gay Family Values.” Inset photo is Sandra Valls, Latina comic and lesbian mom.

January-February 2013

January-February 2013 issue #86. Cover family is London power couple and filmmakers Shamim Sarif and Hanan Kattan and their sons, Ethan and Luca. Inset photo is actress, comedian, and stepmom, Jane Lynch.

March-April 2013

March-April 2013 issue #87. On the cover are famous gay dads, actor Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka and their twins, Gideon and Harper. Inset photo of comedian and lesbian mom, Cheril Vendetti.

May-June 2013

May-June 2013 issue #88. On the cover is the cast of the breakthrough television drama featuring lesbian parents, “The Fosters”: Teri Polo, Sherri Saum and their TV children played by David Lambert, Jake T. Austin, Cierra Ramirez, Maia Mitchell, and Hayden Byerly.

July-August 2013

July-August 2013 issue #89. On the cover is proprietor of R Family Vacations, Kelli Carpenter and wife Anne Steele with their children, Parker, Vivianne, Blake, and Chelsea.

September-October 2013

September-October 2013 issue #90. On the cover is one of the producers of the television drama, “The Fosters,” Joanna Johnson and her partner Michelle Agnew and their children, Harlow and Julian. Inset photo is the family of Twaski Jackson and his partner David Fairman-Jackson and their daughter SteVee.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Twelve, 2009-2010

Below is the 12th year of cover portraits 2009-2010.
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November-December 2009

November-December 2009 issue #67. Cover family are expats Will Shank and U.B. Morgan and their daughter, Stassa.

January-February 2010

January-February 2010 issue #68. On the cover is Mikayla Connell, Board President of the executive committee of the board of directors for the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration. She and her partner Melinda Green have a son, Mick.

March-April 2010

March-April 2010 isue #69. Cover family is John Reilly and Carmelo Paglialunga with their son, Reilly. The couple first appeared on the cover of our March-April 2009 issue #63.

May-June 2010

May-June 2010 issue #70. On the cover are Sinjoyla Towsend and Angelisa Young on their wedding day. The couple are raising children together.

July-August 2010

July-August 2010 issue #71. On the cover are actor and gay dad, B.D. Wong and Family Equality Council Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler.

September-October 2010

September-October 2010 issue #72. On the cover is single mom Elinor Marsh and her son, Jack.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Nine, 2006-2007

Below is the 9th year of cover portraits 2006-2007.
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November-December 2006

November-December 2006 issue #49. On the cover is Al MaCaffrey, Oklahoma politician and gay dad.

January-February 2007

January-February 2007 issue #50. Cover family is Family Equality Coalition Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler and her partner Cheryl Jacques with their twin sons, Tom and Tim.

March-April 2007

March-April 2007 issue #51. Cover family is Brent and Joe Taravella and their daughter Sophia.

May-June 2007

May-June 2007 issue #52. On the cover are Michelle and Heather Kilpatrick on their wedding day. They have four children: Kayla, Kyle, Jase, and Ashlee.

July-August 2007

July-August 2007 issue #53. Cover family is John and Simon Westfall-Kwong and their daughter, Maleia.

September-October 2007

September-October 2007 issue #54. Cover family is Dr. Allyson Gonzalez and Dr. Denise Williamson and their twins, Cameron and Camille.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Eight, 2005-2006

Below is the 8th year of cover portraits 2005-2006.
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November-December 2005

November-December 2005 issue #43. Cover story is Rev. Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Church’s first openly gay bishop and dad.

January-February 2006

January-February 2006 issue #44. Cover family is Lisa Brown and Paula Hastings-Brown and their children, Sanchez Alfonzo, Marcus Allen Brown, Kyle Slater and Kenneth Casey.

March-April 2006

March-April 2006 issue #45. Cover family is David Skow and Rafael Chiu with their twins, Jason and Jordan.

May-June 2006

May-June 2006 issue #46. Cover family is Viva Delgado and Rose Quinones and their daughter Taina at Camp It Up! family camp.

July-August 2006

July-August 2006 issue #47. On the cover is single dad Brian Duprey and his son, Emmet.

September-October 2006

September-October 2006 issue #48. Cover family is Amy and Raechele Reynolds-Namaste and their children, Justice and Mandela.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Six, 2003-2004

Below is the 6th year of cover portraits 2003 – 2004.
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November-December 2003

November-December 2003 issue #31. Our 5th year anniversary issue. Cover family is New York politician Jon Cooper his partner Rob and their children, Daniel, Jessica, Christopher, and twins Kimberly and Jennifer.

January-February 2004

January-February 2004 issue #32. On the cover is author and mom, Susie Bright.

March-April 2004

March-April 2004 issue #33. Cover family is Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes and their son, Kalani.

May-June 2004

May-June 2004 issue #34. On the cover is the wedding of Marlowe and Elijah B’sheart. The couple have two children, Melanie and Anais.

July-August 2004

July-August 2004 issue #35. Cover family is James and Warren Redman-Gress and their son Christopher. Inset photo of Massachusetts politician and dad Jarrett Barrios.

September-October 2004

September-October 2004 issue #36. On the cover is Mary Hoffman, daughter of Susan Hoffman, Stilting Parent Coordinator of the Rainbow Families in Minnesota. Inset photo of Rainbow Families Executive Director Deborah Talen and her partner Polly and daughters, Grace, Eliza, and Lydia.

Martina Navratilova Marries Julia Lemigova

Martina Navratilova Weds Julia Lemigova

Martina Navratilova Weds Julia Lemigova

Martina Navratilova married longtime partner Julia Lemigova in New York City on December 15, 2014. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray officiated. In attendance were actress Brooke Shields, tennis legend Chris Evert and Lemigova’s two daughters. Navratilova proposed during the US Open last September, in a moment that was telecast on the Jumbotron at New York’s Arthur Ashe stadium. Click on the photos to enlarge. Photos courtesy of Atelier Creative Services, Inc.

Martina Navratilova Weds Julia Lemigova

Photo: Brook Shields, Julia Lemigova, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Bill de Blasio , Chirlane McCray and Lemigova’s two daughters.

Wedding Announcement – Raylynne and Wendy Perez

Raylynne and Wendy Perez wedding day January 12, 2013, Houston, Texas

Raylynne and Wendy Perez
wedding day January 12, 2013, Houston, Texas
(click to enlarge)


We were married on January 12, 2013 in Houston, Texas surrounded by their family and friends.  Our honeymoon in New York City included a trip to the City Clerk’s office in Chinatown where we hijacked a lovely girl who spoke very little English to be our witness to make it legal (see photo).

Wendy Perez

The newlyweds in New York City at the City Clerk's office with their witness.

The newlyweds in New York City at the City Clerk’s office with their “hijacked” witness. Wendy proudly displays their marriage certificate. (click to enlarge)


Photos courtesy of Wendy Perez

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The Internet Brings a Sense of Gay Acceptance to One Pregnant Lesbian Couple

By Beverly Prince-Sayward

Andrea and Carissa Levine

Andrea and Carissa Levine


Instant videos streaming over the internet, Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, cameras on cellphones, and instantly connecting with anyone anywhere all over the world have created a new social structure.  Society is no longer just who lives next door.  What does this mean for those who formerly found themselves on the outskirts of society?  Is the world more accepting of differences now because of this?

For one lesbian couple in West Hollywood, California, the internet, and more specifically Facebook, has given them a sense of acceptance and community they never imagined possible.  Andrea and Carissa Levine were originally east coast girls; Carissa grew up in the Boston area while Andrea laments to growing up “the only Jewish girl” in a small town in Pennsylvania.  While Carissa had more exposure to differences and in general a more accepting atmosphere growing up, Andrea felt like the leper amidst germ-a-phobes.  This feeling of being different and the outsider in her community never quite left Andrea until the internet.

Identifying as a bisexual woman, Andrea met Carissa while working in Boston.  She felt an immediate attraction and having spent the majority of her life thus far dating men, she decided it would be a great time to have a summer fling with a woman.  Little did she realize at the time that summer fling would turn into the love of her life.  When she updated her Facebook status to indicate her new love, she hesitated out of fear of how people would accept it.  To her surprise, her friends, even those ones from small town Pennsylvania, expressed happiness for her.

When the relationship started to become serious and Andrea realized she was truly in love with Carissa, she panicked.  Her memories of growing up the outsider, “the only Jewish girl” in her small town, still created fear in her.  She knew she wanted to be a mother more than anything else in the world and would she feel comfortable bringing a child into a gay family, knowing that child might be ostracized as different?  Her fears brought her to break up with Andrea and only after much soul searching and a little therapy did she realize her fears stemmed from her own childhood and do not reflect the reality of what her potential child would face.

Andrea and Carissa Levine

Andrea (left) and Carissa Levine

So she went back to an understanding Carissa and the relationship bloomed.  In March of 2011, Andrea and Carissa had a full blown wedding weekend in Palm Springs, California with friends and family.  They both had decided to move to West Hollywood as there were both job opportunities for them in the area and they figured it might be a more comfortable place for a lesbian couple to raise a family.

Just like the relationship status update in Facebook years earlier, Andrea was happily surprised to find well-wishers congratulating her on her marriage.  She was openly gay on-line and people completely supported her!  Unlike her childhood of having her head jokingly checked for horns one time by an unthoughtful teacher after returning from taking days off for a Jewish holiday, people didn’t treat her like she was weird, wrong, or different.  According to Andrea, “Facebook provided me with a lot of support that I didn’t count on.  It really was a big part of my healing process to realize that the world was changing and society is ready for gay marriages.”

So then, when the big news of having a child was to be shared, Andrea and Carissa decided to go online again and created a video titled “Magic”.  They shared their video on Vimeo ( and Facebook.  Six thousand people watched their video and not only supported them, but shared sentiments of how lucky any baby would be to be born to two such creative, loving women!  They were overjoyed to realize that so many people were on their side.

The couple on their wedding day.

The couple on their wedding day.

When asked if she feared bringing a child into a gay family anymore, Andrea confessed that maybe not all her fears are completely gone, but she definitely feels like her child is being born into a more accepting world and one that is ready to embrace gay families.  She feels that “gay topics are coming out everywhere and pushing the envelope of acceptance.”  She admits that becoming a parent is pushing her to be more active in the gay community and showing her how much she wants her child to be exposed to the variety of families in the world.  “We’re not a LESBIAN couple with a child, even though we are of course. But we’re really just like any couple or person having a child. We all have more in common than we think. We’re parents who love our kids.”

So has the internet changed our world?  Has it opened the doors to more acceptance for gay families?  For Andrea and Carissa Levine, it most definitely has made them feel more accepted.




Photos by Katie Robertson

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