Single Lesbian Mom Shares Adorable Photos of Adopted Son

Gay Parent Magazine received adorable photos from single mom, Lu Lu, along with the following statement from her,

“This is my son Noel. I finally closed on his adoption May 26, 2016. I am a single lesbian and I always wanted children. Noel has been a blessing and has brought so much happiness to my life. I want to share this story with other single women who think it isn’t possible to adopt a child alone…It is possible and there are so many children who are waiting to be loved in their forever home. Adopt and save a child’s life. This one saved mine. I love you Noel.”

Attached are adorable photos of Lu Lu’s son Noel holding signs related to his foster care and adoption and a sweet photo of mother and son together. Click on the photos to view larger.

Noel Rosato holding foster care sign

Noel holding Today I Am Adopted sign

Noel Rosato and mom Lu Lu

GPM included in Japanese book: Same sex couples and their children: The American Gayby boom by Mariko Sugiyama

Same sex couples and their children: The American Gayby boom by Mariko Sugiyama

Same sex couples and their children: The American Gayby boom by Mariko Sugiyama

The first book in Japan on the subject of LGBT parenting was recently published (see cover on left). Compiled and written by Asahi Shimbun reporter Mariko Sugiyama, the book is titled Same sex couples and their children: The American Gayby boom. The book features 20 families that were formed through foster care and adoption or artificial insemination. Also featured is information on changes in public opinion since the rise of the “gayby boom”, the current state of same sex parenting in Japan, and the future of unconventional families.

Included in the featured families are Lance and Stuart Chen-Hayes and their son Kalani. The Chen-Hayes were first featured as the cover family on Gay Parent Magazine’s March-April 2004 issue #33 and later in an update feature for our July-August 2008 issue #59 cover story. Gay Parent Magazine editor and publisher Angeline Acain was also featured along with her daughter. See inserts below.

Gay Parent Magazine in Japan Same sex couples book.

Gay Parent Magazine featured in Same sex couples and their children: The American Gayby boom by Mariko Sugiyama.

Gay Parent Magazine editor and publisher Angeline Acain and her daughter in Same sex couples book.

Gay Parent Magazine editor and publisher Angeline Acain and her daughter.

The Chen-Hayes family in the book Same sex couples and their children.

The Chen-Hayes family.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Eighteen, 2016-2017

Below is the 18th year of cover portraits 2016-2017.
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November-December 2015 issue #103

November-December 2015 issue #103. On the cover is the family of Rich Valenza, founder of RaiseAChild.US. He appears with his partner Jared Gee and their children Joseph and Melody.

January-Febraury 2016 issue #104

January-February 2016 issue #104. Cover family is Dell Banks, his partner Robert Thomas and their daughter Heiress Thomas-Banks of Tennessee.

March-April 2016 issue #105

March-April 2016 issue #105. On the cover are the Taylor family of Texas, Chloe, Trish, Junah and Gail. Inset photo of the Camargo family of Indiana and Illinois, Sergio Camargo, Claudia Camargo, Aaron Camargo, Rosie Camargo and Robert Andre.


May-June 2016 issue #106. Cover story is actress, director, and mom to two sons, Jodie Foster. Inset photo of California family, Richard Avila and Jason Winburn and their son Jackson.


July-August 2016 issue #107


Sept-Oct 2016 Issue #108

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Seventeen, 2014-2015

Below is the 17th year of cover portraits 2014-2015.
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November-December 2014

November-December 2014 issue #97. Cover family is DADsquared support group founder Henry Amador and husband Joel Batten of North Carolina and their son, Ben.

January-February 2015

January-February 2015 issue #98. Cover family is Equality Florida CEO, Nadine Smith and her wife Andrea Hildebran Smith and son, Logan.


March-April-2015 issue #99. Cover family is Gregg Stolinski and his partner John Leonardo of Canada and their twins, Juliana and Joseph.

May-June 2015

May-June 2015 issue #100. Our landmark 100th issue! On the cover is famous singer and gay dad, Ricky Martin. Martin is raising twin sons, Mateo and Valentino.


July-August 2015 issue #101. Cover family is Ebony and Denise and their daughter Olivia of the popular vlog Oliva Has 2 Moms.


September-October 2015 issue #102. Cover family is Christa and Holly Ortego of Louisiana and their twins Collin and Miah.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Sixteen, 2013-2014

Below is the 16th year of cover portraits 2013-2014.
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November-December 2013

November-December 2013 issue #91. Our 15th anniversary issue. Cover family is actor and author of “Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?”, Dan Bucantinsky and his partner Don Roos and their children, Eliza and Jonah. Inset photo of Bob and Thanh Bidwell, our very first cover family.

January-February 2014

January-February 2014 issue #92. Cover family is award winning poet, Juliet Howard (aka JP Howard) and partner Norma Jennings and their sons, Jordan and Nicholas.

March-April 2014

March-April 2014 issue #93. Cover family is Deanne and Christina and their daughter, Marlee. Inset photo is award winning author and gay dad Andrew Solomon.

May-June 2014

May-June 2014 issue #94. Diving into our cover is Olympic hopeful Jordan Windle. Andre Rodriguez and Jerry Windle are Jordan’s parents. Inset photos (top to bottom) are celebrity fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels and daughter Lukensia; Jason Cook and Michael Tryonel and their seven children, Aaron, Karon, Shakir, Brandon, Rashad, Sidney and Paris; and Jared Prince-Sayward, son of Beverly and Kathleen Prince-Sayward.

July-August 2014

July-August 2014 issue #95. Cover family is Thomas Beatie, known as the “world’s first pregnant man” and his fiance Amber Nicholas with their children, Susan, Jensen, and Austin.

September-October 2014

September-October 2014 issue #96. Cover family is Antigone Rising rock musician, Kristen Ellis-Henderson and wife, GLAAD CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis and their children, Kate and Thomas.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Fifteen, 2012-2013

Below is the 15th year of cover portraits 2012-2013.
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November-December 2012

November-December 2012 issue #85. Cover family is Jay Foxworthy and Brian Leffew and their children, Daniel and Selena. The Foxworthy Leffew family have a popular Vlog and Blog “Gay Family Values.” Inset photo is Sandra Valls, Latina comic and lesbian mom.

January-February 2013

January-February 2013 issue #86. Cover family is London power couple and filmmakers Shamim Sarif and Hanan Kattan and their sons, Ethan and Luca. Inset photo is actress, comedian, and stepmom, Jane Lynch.

March-April 2013

March-April 2013 issue #87. On the cover are famous gay dads, actor Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka and their twins, Gideon and Harper. Inset photo of comedian and lesbian mom, Cheril Vendetti.

May-June 2013

May-June 2013 issue #88. On the cover is the cast of the breakthrough television drama featuring lesbian parents, “The Fosters”: Teri Polo, Sherri Saum and their TV children played by David Lambert, Jake T. Austin, Cierra Ramirez, Maia Mitchell, and Hayden Byerly.

July-August 2013

July-August 2013 issue #89. On the cover is proprietor of R Family Vacations, Kelli Carpenter and wife Anne Steele with their children, Parker, Vivianne, Blake, and Chelsea.

September-October 2013

September-October 2013 issue #90. On the cover is one of the producers of the television drama, “The Fosters,” Joanna Johnson and her partner Michelle Agnew and their children, Harlow and Julian. Inset photo is the family of Twaski Jackson and his partner David Fairman-Jackson and their daughter SteVee.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Fourteen, 2011-2012

Below is the 14th year of cover portraits 2011-2012.
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November-December 2011

November-December 2011 issue #79. On the cover is Kathleen Prince-Sayward. She and her partner Beverly have three children, Jared, and twins Hailey and Quentin.

January-February 2012

January-February 2012 issue #80. Cover family is Palm Springs, California Mayor Steve Pougnet and his partner Christopher Green and their children, Beckham and Julia.

March-April 2012

March-April 2012 issue #81. Cover family is Liz and Elena Quinones and their son Eli. Inset photo of finance and real estate expert Herman Chan.

May-June 2012

May-June 2012 issue #82. On the cover is gayasian actor and comedian Alec Mapa. Mapa and his partner Jamison Herbert are raising a son, Zion. Inset photo of singer and lesbian mom, Chely Wright.

July-August 2012

July-August 2012 issue #83. Famous rock singer and lesbian mom, Melissa Etheridge is our cover story. Inset photo of actress, comedian and lesbian mom, Judy Gold.

September-October 2012

September-October 2012 issue #84. On the cover is famous comedian and lesbian mom Wanda Sykes. Sykes and her partner Alex are raising twins, Olivia and Lucas. Inset photo is singer and gay dad Rufus Wainwright.

Gay Parent magazine Cover Portraits, Year Five, 2002-2003

Below is the 5th year of cover portraits 2002-2003.
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November-December 2002

November-December 2002 issue #25. On the cover is Minnesota Men of Color executive director Nick Metcalf and his son, Sonny.

January-February 2003

January-February 2003 issue #26. On the cover is Mary Keane with daughters Aileen, Arelis and Angela.

March-April 2003

March-April 2003 issue #27. On the cover are Ignacio and Damon and their son, Maximillian.

May-June 2003

May-June 2003 issue #28. On the cover is the wedding of Maria and Wendy Romagnuolo. The couple have two sons, Joseph and Michael.

July-August 2003

July-August 2003 issue #29. Cover family is Brian Michael Weaver and Gregory King and their son Logan.

September-October 2003

September-October 2003 issue #30. Cover family is Akilah Monifa and Ruth Bolden and their daughter Isabella.


Silke Bader – Australian Mum Making the News and Changing Adoption Laws

Silke Bader owner of Curve and LOTL magazines for lesbians

Silke Bader owner of Curve and LOTL magazines for lesbians

By Flavia Francesquini

How many lesbians do you know? This question was posed to me by a 92-year old woman who told me that when she was growing up in western Massachusetts she didn’t even know the word lesbian, and thinking that such women existed was far beyond her imagination. For the first 40-year of her life Ms. Cooper could neither name nor identify what made her feel utterly different and disconnected from everyone she knew. She told me that meeting another lesbian was like opening the window in a dark and lonely room.

Visibility has been one of our most reliable stepping-stones. We find strength in knowing that we are not alone. This is just one of the reasons I admire those who make it their mission to bring our community to light, to name us, and to help us claim our places in society by sending the clear message that yes, we are here and we are not going anywhere.

Silke Bader is the owner of Avalon Media, the Australian publisher of LOTL (Lesbians On The Loose, and now publisher of Curve (, a magazine that has been on our own stands for the last twenty years. Bader’s dedication to offering a platform to our community is remarkable. She is an amazingly savvy businesswoman and an avid advocate for adoption by same-sex couples in New South Wales, Australia. Bader was kind enough to allow us peak into her world.

Gay Parent magazine: Starting with the basics, where are you from and when did you move to Australia?

Silke Bader: I am originally from Germany and moved to Australia at the age of 22. I have lived in Australia for 24 years and have German and Australian citizenship.

GPM: How did you get started in the publishing business?

SB: In 1992 I started a lesbian travel agency, which I advertised in LOTL, Australia’s only lesbian magazine. This publication was very important for me as 90% of my clients were generated through my advertisement in LOTL. When the owner decided to sell the magazine, they approached me to see if I was interested in buying it, which I did in 1999. My publishing career was launched.

GPM: Before Avalon came along there weren’t many lesbian publications out there. What prompted you to embark on this “less traveled” road?

SB: Lesbian media is so important for equal rights. Lesbian media – being in print or online – offers visibility for lesbians. Mainstream publications don’t feature lesbian weddings, lesbian parenting or lesbian health issues. Without media there is no community. Media creates an infrastructure from businesses that target the community; it’s the key of communication. This energy of creating community has always attracted me and I have enjoyed building towards a better future.

GPM: How is Curve different from LOTL?

SB: There are two distinct differences, geography and content. Curve focuses on our readers in North America. LOTL focuses on readers in Australia. Content differs as LOTL is a free publication and has no budget for pro-active editorial, which means that LOTL features community based editorial. We focus on community events and groups so that if [a local group] needs to announce a meeting we will work with them to create an article and promote the event. Curve is for sale and therefore has an editorial budget and we commission independent journalists and contributors.

GPM: Have you always been “out” in the business world?

SB: Yes, I have always been out, which is unavoidable in my profession and niche market.

GPM: How did you meet your partner Tanya Sale and how did you two decide to start a family?

SB: I met my partner in January of 1999 through a business function in Sydney. LEZBIZ was an organization I started for lesbians in business. Tanya is in finance and was looking at targeting the lesbian demographic. When I met her I was 32 and really wanted to have children. Almost from the very beginning of our relationship did I tell her that I wanted a family. It was 4 years later when our two children came to us.

GPM: You have been very active in trying to raise awareness and changes to the adoption laws in Australia. In short, what were the laws regarding LGBT adoptions before and how have they evolved?

SB: In 2010, the New South Wales Parliament amended the Adoption Act 2000 to allow same-sex couples the opportunity to apply for adoption.  Same-sex de facto couples are now treated in the same way as opposite-sex de facto couples in adoption laws in New South Wales.  [De facto relationships, for those not familiar with the term, describe two people in a committed relationship but who are not legally married, that now includes same-sex couples.]

GPM: How old are your children?

SB:  Our children were 3 and 4 when they came to live with us and they are now 13 and 14 years old.

GPM: What advice can you give to other parents trying to adopt in Australia?

SB: We have not adopted the children yet, we are still in the process and our experience is very unique. We found that while working with the department of community services, the best attitude is to go with the flow and not fight the system.  But, as I said, our situation is very unique and this advice might not work for another family; sometimes fighting the system might be necessary.

GPM: When it comes to motherhood, what have been your biggest challenges?

SB: Not to lose my own identity. During all those years there were different types of challenges. I could list the individual stages and their challenges, but in the end my biggest struggle is to keep a sense of myself.

GPM: What advice do you have for other parents raising teenagers?

Left to right, Tanya Sale, Billie Jean King and Silke Bader

Left to right, Tanya Sale, Billie Jean King and Silke Bader. This photo was taken on the 40th Anniversary Olivia Cruise.

SB: Ours just hit teenage years and it’s a challenging time. Be in synch with your partner, be a united front, [practice] tough love and consequences. Be there for them when they come home from school, monitor digital devices and their friends. In the end it won’t be up to you anymore, but at least you have given [them] guidelines.

GPM: Tell me a little about the recent vacation you took with your family.

SB: We just completed an around the world trip, traveling in two months to Germany, Switzerland, New York, Orlando, Dallas, and we finished it off with an Olivia Cruise to the Bahamas. While the wounds are still fresh, we have decided not to travel with our children again while they are still teenagers. Looking at any of our pictures, [we] look stressed, unhappy and just exhausted! The fights and arguments we had every day, without a safe place to retreat, were challenging to say the least. At one point our son stormed off in the middle of a remote Swiss village in complete darkness. He almost got lost and it took us an hour to find him! Being together 24/7 for two months was the real issue for us. At home, when you have fights the children still go off to school or you go to work and the situation can defuse, but not when you travel.  We do know that our children will most likely only remember the highlights – us teaching them to snowboard and the white Christmas with their grandparents in Germany – they’ve never had a white Christmas in Australia. Also, the comedy club we visited in New York, and Harry Potter World in Orlando. Those memories will stick with them, which makes it all worthwhile.

While the world is still debating whether or not we are even entitled to have families, we steadily march towards equality, raising our children, doing our jobs, and becoming visible. By supporting those who promote and defend our community we ensure that our rights are not forgotten, our families are not yesterday news, and every kid knows a world they can identify with when they look in the mirror.

This article was first published in Gay Parent magazine’s May-June 2013 issue #88.

Photos courtesy of Silke Bader

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